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Our Company


Our mission is to empower and support black women entrepreneurs by providing access to the resources, tools, and networks necessary to launch and grow successful businesses. We believe that black women deserve equal opportunities and recognition for their contributions to the business world. Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable economy that celebrates the achievements of black women.


Black Women-Owned Brands Exposed
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Amina, Sall
Founder CEO
What we do

Black Woman Market Shop

Over 50+ Black women owned brands under one roof! All your favorite brands by #Blackwoman. Clothing | Accessories | Beauty | Wellness| Men, Women, & Children's


We host a variety of events throughout the year: pop-ups and conferences, that provide opportunities to showcase businesses, grow network and gain valuable insights, information and resources.


Our Directory App Is A Comprehensive Resource That Groups Together All Black Entrepreneurs In Quebec, Providing A Platform For Them To Connect With Potential Customers, Partners.

Our Foundation

Unity, Excellence, Success