We are purpose-driven organization dedicated to empowering and supporting black women entrepreneurs in their journey to success. Our mission is rooted in the belief that every black woman deserves equal opportunities and recognition for her invaluable contributions to the business world. Through our commitment, we strive to break barriers, create new possibilities, and foster a thriving community of empowered black women.

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we are proud to have contributed to black women in business generating more than $100,000 in sales

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Our Mission

Our mission is to amplify the voices and businesses of black women entrepreneurs who are underrepresented in today’s market. we do this by creating events and platforms that showcase their talent and offering services tailored to their unique needs and experiences. our goal is to bring the best businesses owned by black women entrepreneurs to the forefront and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

"Our guiding principle, "When one Sistah succeeds, we all succeed"®, goes beyond mere words; it embodies a way of life! Embrace the spirit of victory and success by joining us!"
Our Vision

Our vision is a world where black women entrepreneurs have equal access to opportunities and resources, and their businesses thrive. we aim to create a supportive and inclusive community that fosters the growth of black women-owned businesses and promotes their achievements. we envision a future where black women entrepreneurs are recognized as leaders and role models in their fields, and their contributions to the economy and society are valued and celebrated.



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Unity, Excellence, And Empowerment

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